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Who are these two smiley people behind Clawgasmic?

Well…. On the surface we are two people that together are passionate about all things nails and marketing and promoting businesses.

But a little deeper… Here is Chan (The one on the left)'s story…

I met Jouvan (the handsome man in the tux) back in 2009 and he changed my life for the better ever since…

We met on holiday and since our very first date the following year we have messaged or spoken every day for the last (nearly) 9 years!

He is everything I could of dreamed of and more and the idea of having a business together where we can both share our passions with the world and help people feels like the best thing ever!

Jouvan is an absolute whizz when it comes to marketing and truly helped me to grow my salon and business to where it is now, which is why I call that ‘our’ business too.

Even Though he doesn’t do nails (I mean…. after nearly 9 years of him seeing me do mine I think he’d probably be ace at it lol)

With his positive attitude and marketing advice and tips I know for sure this is why I am now in a position where I’m continually fully booked and am no longer taking on any new clientele.

I love doing nails, I love how you can turn peoples day around and make them smile, I love how it gives me a creative outlet and I love that your clients literally walk around with your creations on their fingertips I think there is something really special about that.

However it doesn’t matter how good you are if no-one is seeing your work. This is why it's important to market yourself correctly and use social media to your advantage! So I am forever grateful to Jouvan for helping me to grow the business and I am so excited that he will get to help all of you too!

I have been a nail tech for nearly 15 years now, and all the tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the years I am going to share with you. I REALLY want to crush this stigma that the beauty industry is a catty place to be. I feel like this is a really dated way to think! There are enough hands and nails in the world for us ALL to win and ALL to be successful! I ‘m happy we’ve created a place that is full of support, encouragement, and inspiration!

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Chantelle & Jouvan



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